So I posted about this a couple of weeks ago and how people who live with it must find life hard.

After watching an episode of House I think their lives may have just got a little harder.

In it there was a couple who had been married for ten years and where living an asexual lifestyle. Which there’s nothing wrong with. But, being House there had to be something wrong with them.

After House being house it was discovered that there was something wrong with the man in the marriage. He had a brain tumor and it affected his se drive and erectile functions.

Ergo your only asexual if you have a brain tumor.

That’s not the case for most people. For most of them they really don’t have anything wrong with them, they just don’t have the same urges that many people do. They don’t feel the need to have sex with either sex and are just happy to have a companion to share their lives with.

A lot of people and I include myself in that number, don’t understand what it must be like for those people. How you could go through life without enjoying and wanting sex. But, that doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with them. It just means that the life I have led doesn’t allow for me to understand that lifestyle.

As far as I’m aware I don’t know anyone who is asexual so I can’t ask them about it and find out just what life is like for them.

The only good I can see coming out of this episode of House is that more people will become aware of asexuality. Even if it means they wrongly believe that it only happens because of a brain tumor.

Maybe people will realise that yes asexuality could be caused by something like a brain tumor, but for most people that’s just not the case.

I wonder how many people who suffer because of their sexuality have made appointments to see a doctor in the hope that their maybe something wrong with them after all. It wont be the last time people have seen something on TV and got themselves checked out. A lot of the time there is nothing wrong with them. But, on the odd occasion there is and they where able to get the treatment needed in time.

Hopefully people will be able to tell that House is just a tv show that deals with limited issues in a short amount of time. And, as such when they do something and have a certain out come it just means that its one outcome and there must be other ways and outcomes of anything that appears on the show.