It comes in many forms.

Theres the love we have for our parents. We may not always like them but we still love them. Hell the several times I’ve told my parents that I hate them and will never like them again. I’ve rarely told them that I didn’t love them any more. And I may have meant it at the time, but very quickly realised I didn’t really mean it.

I love my mother, even though for the past 18 months she’s not been there for me and we didn’t talk for nearly a year. I have always loved her as any child loves their mother and have gone through many months of hating the ground she walked upon. we’re working on getting along better now. And if it wasn’t for that love we share we still wouldn’t be talking now.

Theres the love we have for our children. The love that eclipses all others. We will never love someone as much as we love our kids. Thats just part and parcel of being a parent.

Since becoming a mother myself I have found my ability to love has grown with each day that passes. And that love is all directed at my son. As I only have a single child I don’t know how parents with two or more deal with the amount of love they have inside of them. I know from talking to parents that they found with each child their ability to love and hold it inside grows and grows.

I don’t know how people who have more than one kid get anything done during the day. My son is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. Not an hour of the day goes by without me thinking of him. Maybe its something that you deal with and gets less distracting as your child grows older.

Theres the love we have for our friends. We all have one or two mates who it doesn’t matter how long it is since you last spoke or saw each other, when you get together again its as if no time has passed at all.

Theres the mates who you go to when you need a pick me up or talk about your problems with. You love them all but, in different ways and for different reasons. But, in a way that love is fleeting. It can come and go and be transferred to others who fill the need when we have one.

Theres the love with have for our partners. It can come on strong and fast. And burn out fairly quickly. Or it can build over time becoming bigger and stronger. Something that doesn’t burn out and gives you the greatest gift you could have apart from children.

I know that the love i have for my ex was something that burned bright after meeting him and grew as we got to know each other. We knew each other for three years before we got together. So we missed out a lot of the getting to know each other bit whilst starting a romantic relationship.

Our love lead to us getting engaged after six months, moving in together three months later, and on our years anniversary we conceived the most amazing child in existence. A child who was born a year and two days after we moved in together.

That love got us through hard times and untill recently we still had the shared love. Something for us both to hold onto while we went through a tough time.

That changed when she entered the scene, my exes new partner. He turned his feelings for me off and unto her. I can’t blame him for that, not really. He made the choice to move on and only let me know after he did it. That hurt and hell I still havent managed to move on yet.

that’s something I have to deal with in my own sweet time. just wish that it was sooner rather than later.

Talking of exes there is the love we have for them. They helped make us who we are. If we hadn’t had that love for them and allowed them into our lives then we wouldn’t have had the experiences we did. We would be without some of the happy memories they helped make.  We wouldn’t be able to know what makes us happy in a relationship and what doesn’t.

So all in all we have love in our lives even when we feel we don’t. And even though its hard to hold onto that fact. It’s still true.