In the commercialised world that we live in to-day most people have forgotten the true meaning of Easter.

Today we buy Easter egg, have egg hunts at we and generally eat more chocolate in a short amount of time then we probably will for the rest of the year. We can go into almost any shop and find eggs and cards, soft bunny toys and chicks. Theres very few shops where you can find anything to do with the reason we celebrate Easter.

It’s a sad fact of life and something that we have allowed to happen.

Easter is one of the main foundations of the christian faith. It represents the time when Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the grave for our sins.

By coming back from the dead he proved that he is the son of god, with the power to forgive us for sinning and give us hope and faith in god and his good nature.

As a sign of his raising again christians are given the chance to start over again once a year. The slates wiped clean and there’s a chance to do things differently, better for you and those you love.

The hollow eggs we eat at this time of year are meant to represent the empty tomb that greeted Mary Magdalene and one or more women. The gospels don’t agree on the number of women but they all do agree that christ appeared to Mary and instructed her to go to the disciples  and pass on word of his Resurrection.

During the time that jesus spent on the cross, his time in the tomb and his resurrection are all heavily linked with women, most of all Magdalene. I’m not going to go into what sort of relationship they could have had for her to play a big part in his death and resurrection, or that she was the first he appeared to. That’s a topic for another post.

But it does show that jesus loved the women in his life just as much as the men and trusted them to pass on the message that he was risen. It also showed that he had faith his male followers would listen to the women and believe them. Something which many within the christian faith have forgotten. By saying that jesus only trusted the men to pass on his message they miss one of the main points of Christianity. Jesus loved us all equally. Trusted the men and women in his life the same and hell it wasnt a woman who betrayed him, but someone of his own sex.

There is strong evidence that the reason jesus is refered to as the lamb of god has a lot to do with the time of year he was crucified. His death happened during the jewish festival of passover and the last supper was most probably a passover meal.

The fact that he used unleavened bread to symbolise his body tells us that his death accord during passover, the time where jews eat unleavened bread.

Any way at the time of his death Jews would sacrifice lambs as part of the rituals of passover. This would happen between two evenings, mainly at twilight on the friday. Which is when Jesus is said to have died.

Easter tends to move around a lot as is celebrated on the first sunday after a full moon after the spring equinox. A complicated way of working it out I know. But hey it’s not as bad as celebrating Jesus’ birth months after it happened. Again a topic for another post.

So as you tuck into your chocolate and lay a hunt for the kids, spare a thought for the reason why we have this day for chocolate. And remember if you’re a member of the church of england Easter Sundays is one of the three Sundays you’ve promised to attend when you got confirmed.

Or you could just watch which ever service the tv has on whilst you munch away like I will more than likely be doing.