And it’s not mine.

The baby in question is the half-brother or sister of my son.

My ex has got his girlfriend of three and a half months, three months pregnant.

Very quick work by any ones standards. But, even worse when you consider that they are meant to be god fearing christians who do what the bible tells them.

This is a relationship that I was against from the start given the mess everyone’s lives was in during the time they got together.

I can’t help thinking that there is something majorly wrong for them to be expecting the baby around the time of my son’s birthday.

My son who’s going to be affected by this more than anything is so excited about their being a baby. He’ll make a wonderful big brother. He’s the most loving and caring child you could ever met, even after everything he has gone through in his short life.

So because of that I need to be positive about this.Which from where I’m sat is pushing things a bit too far.

This is a child who’ll be born to parents who don’t know the first thing about each other, who fell into bed as soon as they could. One of whom less than a week before the falling into bed happened said he didn’t think he could ever be mates with the other never mind anything else.

When my ex told me he said he knew that the news would upset me. But at the moment I just feel numb about it. My father who is the most pleasant person you could ever wish to met has stronger feeling on this issue then I do at the moment. He’s upset, disappointed and angry enough for the both of us at the moment.

My god mother said that this just shows how much of a bastard the man really is and how lucky I am to be out of a relationship with him now.

It’s true to say that he is no longer the man I fell in love with. Hell the fact that this womans pregnancy is nearly as far a long as the relationship has been happening says a lot.

I know for a fact that the other sexual relationships he has had only started after he had been with those people for at least four months.

I think the main thing that has hit me is how hard this is going to make my spending time with my son. Before this baby, I was promised that I would spend my son’s birthday with him and christmas. I don’t see how that will be happening now. That girl is going to be there for everything, that as far as I can see she has no right to be.

the main thing I feel about this is just numb. Theres nothing there for me to feel yet.

Even through out this whole thing i have loved this man. Before we got together he was my best mate. Throughout this whole mess i’ve not only lost the man i loved but my best mate as well. I dont believe that there could ever be a chance any more for us to even get that friendship back.

This woman has made sure of that. Not by getting up the duff. But, by making sure that she is always there whenever i have to deal with my ex, or see my son.

Either way i have six months to come to terms with this and try to sort things out so i can still be there for my sons birthdays and christmases.