Today is the official start of the British Golf Open, at Royal Lytham and St. Anne‘s golf course. Or to put it another way its only about ten mins from where I live.

Boring i know but there you go.

For the past few weeks the roads around my town have been getting repaired and painted. The buildings have been sand blasted, and all the posh house round about have sprouted signs offering rooms and parking for the event.

People have been star spotting for the last few days comparing who’s been seen or talked too.

Its madness in an area where over the streets are still only wide enough for a single person horse and cart.

I know that the Golf has been happening on that course for many decades.

The last time it was held here was ten years ago when I was still in high school. The course is located behind the school. quite often during PE lessons we had to go and ask for our ball back from the club. Or just use the public foot path that runs through the middle of the course to get to where the ball was.

The only things stopping us from going off the path onto the course proper where signs telling us to keep off the green. Not going to do a lot to stop a teenager who’s been sent to got a ball of is planning on using the course as a hide out when skipping class.

A lot of the hospitality tents are set up on the schools playing field. Considering that the field is big enough for a couple of games each of rugby, football, rounders and lacrosse at the same time. leaving room for the running track. Even though the field really is that large the tents cover it and then some.

At the best of times people around here aren’t very good drivers or very good at parking legally.  Over the past few days that problem has gotten worse. A lot of the people who are now driving around in official Open cars or with names of golfers on the cars are parking on the pavements often almost running people over to do so. Or parking so badly on the pavement that they block the pavement for pedestrians who then have to go into the road to pass. Very much not a good idea when you consider that the average age for residents in our town is about 75. It also explains why none of them are very good at the whole being being a driver thing.

So in short while this next week may be a good thing for the local businesses its not a good thing for those of us who have to live with it.