I’m writing this as someone who lives in a country that doesn’t allow gun ownership. So I will be writing from that point of view.

Its been a year since a mad man killed tens of young people in Norway and changed that country for ever. Possibly not for the best.

A couple of days a go a man walked into a cinema and killed 12 people injuring fifty odd others. I wont be naming the people who did this. As we should be remembering the lives that were lost and not giving the things who committed these crimes the notoriety of using their names.

It seems to me that a lot of people do this to make them self known to history. How many people can remember the names of the victims of Timothy Macvay, who aren’t members of their families or friends?

God knows I don’t remember them and have had trouble finding anything with their names included. Even when Macvay was murdered by the state people concentrated on him and didn’t really mention the names of the victims. instead concentrating on the numbers killed and injured.

I live in England in a sleepy little town, where the only time I have ever seen a police officer with a gun was a few years ago when a lawyer lost his gun and went a bit nuts.

Thankfully no one was injured and it came to a peaceful conclusion after a couple of hours.

How many places in America that compare to the size and age range of my little town can say that? None I bet.

Here we know that the bad guy is the one who is armed. Where in America with the gun laws that change from state to state or even building to building it is hard to know just who is the bad guy in a situation.

I have used BB guns and own one at the moment. Why? Because its something I can do well and it helps me get rid of some anger and frustration. Plus if one of the members of my family where stupid enough to walk in front of the gun when someones firing or they shot themselves it’s not going to do much damage as long as the pellet doesn’t hit their eye.

I have a young son who lives with his father and I didn’t get the gun till after he stopped living with me. As long as he was living with me I wouldn’t have let a BB gun in the house. IF he was still with me I wouldn’t let one in the house till he was at least 12, and could show he was responsible enough to have one around.

I have shot a rifle, and enjoyed the trill it gave me to pull the trigger and see the result of the bullet in a target. The rifle was bolted down to the barrier stopping you walking onto the firing range. the barrel could only move 45 degrees from pointing straight forward. We weren’t allowed to be in the room when they set the guns up or put them away.

When it came to shooting, the bullets were counted out and put in the gun before we took our turn. When it was time to leave there where no bullets let where we were. they had been counted out so that by we all have ex amount of bullets to shot, no more no less.

Living in a rural town there are a lot of farmers around who do have weapons in their possession. But you never hear storied of their kids getting hold of the weapons and shooting themselves and others. Thats because they take ownership of the weapons very seriously and, also theres spot checks to make sure that they are keeping the weapons in the right way.

If they fail a spot check they have their weapons removed from them immediately and are banned from owning them for a set amount of time depending on how badly they broke the rules.

It takes a longer then three days from them to get a licence to have the weapons.

How many checks and how through can they be if you walk into a shop buy a gun and be able to have it under your pillow within three days.

Things go wrong often enough in private homes where guns are present to make me think that the majority of people who get the guns dont kept the gun separate from the bullets and in safes.

I understand the argument that since the criminals have guns you should be allowed to own one to protect yourself.

But by doing that it makes it easier or criminals to get hold of guns and the situation is just going round in a deadly circle.

The criminals here also have guns. But those people are in the minority and don’t represent the main weapons used in committing crimes. Most of them use knifes and anything that comes to hand.

I’m scared of the idea of guns being more widely available in this country. The death rates due to crimes will go up as people find it easier to get hold of deadly weapons. As it is most people who are the victims of crimes live to tell the tale normally just scared and bruised. Not shot to hell and dead.

In this country people who take hostages using a gun are more than likely to live to tell the court about what led them to take that course of action. From what i gather from the news thats not the case in America. We often hear that the situation ended with the police going in and shooting the hell out of everyone present.

I don’t claim to know the answers. I just know that I enjoy living in a country where it’s almost impossible to get your hands on a gun and where we’re never likely to get laws that allow the sale of guns to the mass public.