over the past couple of weeks there has been stories everyday about how G4S are failing to met their contractual obligations.

They took tens of millions of pounds to proved the security staff at the Olympics. But have failed to do so. Often not letting anyone know there was a problem with staff numbers. Letting the police when they carry out  spot check deal with the lack of staff themselves.

Now I have experience of the sort of people who work for G4S through the amount of politics have been involved in. I have been to party conferences where the security staff where G4S and often they where under paid and over worked.

Because of the type of work that they do, before they have their first shift they have to to be certified to work in the security sector. It can take a long time to get the bit of paper that will allow you to work. Theres time spend in college and then taking the exam.

When it is time for the first shift they have to pay for their uniforms and name badges. Anything between £5- £10 pounds is charged for a replacement badge.

Having worked in retail where you need name badges I can say without doubt that your basic name badge doesn’t cost more than £2 to make. I have worked for people who make you buy your replacement badges if you lose yours but never more than what it costs for the company to get it.

Since you have had to pay for your work stuff outright, most of which is tailored, and got a qualification to allow you to work you would be forgiven for thinking that you would be getting a good wage.

But talking to my ex landlord who when made redundant went to work for them that’s just not the case. It’s a minimum wage job where your expected to work twelve-hour shifts and if needs be work through your unpaid breaks. He worked in train stations a lot of the time so he was often working when I saw him.

His main complaints where that the boss will change your shifts often without letting you know in advance. If your late for work, even if you told them you were stuck in traffic or your train was running late to get you to your post at the station your wages are docked.

Most of the people there would look for another job, any job if they had any time with which to do so. One month the ex land lord only had one day off in thirty due to staff shortages and the fact that the bosses can’t keep track of a simple file on the computer which tells them when someone is/n’t working, so they make up a new one.

The bosses don’t bother learning anyones name as they assume due to the bad working standards they expect people to work in they wont be turning up the next day. Of the ten who started at the same time as my ex landlord only two of them where left by the end of the month. Both of them working fathers who needed some sort of wage to support their families.

Now normally I wouldn’t comment on the state of a company like G4S. They rarely affect me and to be perfectly honest I don’t care about the mess they have made of the Olympic task they were given.

But, when they where doing security at the golf open this past week they pretty much stood and watched and criminals stole lead from the roof of a church they where guarding since its grounds where being used as a car park.

Now the church would have been given a large amount of money to allow the official cars to park there, but it wont be enough to pay for the repairs to the roof.

Now I’m not religious but I think churches are often beautiful places where you can go for quite time or to look at the building for its self. an interesting building.

In an article I read about the theft of the lead it is reported that one of the personal claimed they didn’t do anything to stop it as it wasnt in their brief. they where there to make sure nothing happened to the cars, not to protect the church.

If your contract says your there to make sure one thing doesn’t happen but your allowed to watch a crime be committed then your bosses deserve to be put in front of a judge as well as the people commuting the crime. I believe it’s called perverting the course of justice.

With working practices like those is it any wonder they can’t retain the numbers of staff they said they would have in place for the Olympics.

I’m surprised that they have people applying to work there when the only people you can find who have anything positive to say about the company are those who are in the higher rungs of management.