I was prating about on twitter earlier and saw a discussion on body hair and what people prefer on themselves and others.

The topic was led by Amanda Palmer, who is well-known for having hairy armpits and not giving a flying stuff what people think about it. In this day and age where we have what we should look like hammered into our brains with every advert we look at and the people who are chosen to be tv, its refreshing to have someone stand up and say “I’m not like everyone else. I’m my own person and i like being different” Even more so when you consider that in her profession looks are often more important than how well you can sing/play an instrument.

Now personally I don’t care if I have body hair or not most of the time. Its a lot of effort to keep it under control when you don’t have to. So in winter I tend to have a lot of it and in summer less, so I can get a nice even tan and not worry about sweat getting caught in the hair and making a nasty smell.

Thats just my own personal choice and my ex partners didn’t mind a bit. And why the hell should they. They have more body hair than I’m ever likely to have and I don’t comment on it.

Body hair is just another example of how its one rule for women nd one for men.

Men are considered less than men when they shave or wax their body hair. Yet women are unkept and a disgrace to their sex if they don’t.

The olympics are on at the moment and quite a few of the male competitors will have shaved legs arms ect. Mostly because when  your competing to be the best at your sport you want every advantage you can get. so in the  case of swimmers and runners getting rid of hair can help them be more stream line which helps them move faster.

I’m not sure how it works as I don’t think hair can make all that much difference. but I’m not an athlete and they wouldn’t do it as religiously as they do if there wasn’t some proof to back up the claims.

When your in school its a right of passage having your first body hair growth, yet when your a girl almost as soon as it happens your expected to rip it out and do so for pretty much the rest of your life.

Surely the amount of body hair we have should be a personal choice, not something that is decied by people we’ll never met who try and tell us what we should look like.

At the end of teh day its only hair. We change styles of hair on our heads all the time. try something new, if we dont like it we grow it out and try something else. why shoudn’t we do the same with our body hair. its not hurting anyo9ne having a bit more then is considered acceptable.