Yes you heard right.


Theres been a cat fight in Downing street. And it’s appeared on the news as a lead story!

Now the fight wasnt between any two cats. It was between the Prime Ministers cat and the Chancellors cat.

Again it’s not really big news.

Unless you take into account that the PMs cat is well-known for just laying about sleeping. disappointing the residents of Downing street as it was meant to be a rat catcher.

Yep they managed to find the only cat who’s lazier then Garfield!



The cat was only bought because a few times during live broadcasts from outside number ten there where large rats running about.

So after this cat proved himself to be a lazy cat the cancellors cat was moved into the street. Rat problem sorted.

they’ve been living together quite happily for a year and then the other night the chancellors girl cat turned round and cat punched the PMs cat. all in front of the policeman who’s thankless task it is to just stand outside the door of number 10.

No one stepped in to stop the fight. instead they did what every these days seem to do, take pictures and put them online.

So why is this a big story?

Well historically the residents of numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street have found it very hard to get on. Often refusing to talk to each other, unless there really is nothing else they can do.

So newscasters are now trying to say because the cats are fighting there must be something going on between their masters.

Me thinks their trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Cats in my experience can be cuddled up to one another one minute fighting the next and back to cuddling the one after.

People must be really desperate to see something happening between Cameron and Osborne other than brown-nosing each other all the time.

To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t be surprised if in the back rooms of numbers ten and 11 they have manikin’s of each other they beat up so they can keep the “we’re best mates” act going in public.

Can we have some proper news now this silly story has done the rounds for a few days?


Some how I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon.