So it’s that time of year again where the world and his uncle are trying to get us to buy a calendar.

Some just because they look pretty others for various charities.

Now I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of the WI calendar that started the whole being naked in a calendar thing over ten yeas ago. Since then the market hs been flooded with naked calender all claiming to be for one charity or another.

So I find it hard to believe that a college rowers charity calendar has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Yes its just another calendar. yes ita got pics of naked women in it.

But even so it’s tastfully done and the money raised is going to a charity that is close to the models hearts.

Now I’m all for everyone being treated the same and being respected for doing things that help others.

So i was shocked to see that people are attacking these young women for being tastefully naked, claiming that they are putting the womans cause back by decades.

I don’t see how.

To me feminism about getting treated the same as men in everything and not allowing double standards to happen anywhere.

By attacking things girls for doing something their male counterparts have done for years is showing the double standards these woman claim that they are fighting against.

There will be people out there who’ll buy the calendar because it has naked women in it.

And that sad and childish. But at the same time the money that is spent on the calendar will be going to a good cause. surely we can all agree that is worth a few people getting their jollies by owning it.