So today its been announced that the way CRB checks are handled is going to change in the new year.

The new system means that you can apply online and it will be free in certain circumstances to make it easier to apply and get one.

Now as someone who has had to go through the CRB process I can tell you that it really isn’t the easiest thing to get.

Firstly theres filling in the forms. Which are longer and much more complicated than a uni application. You need to have your full birth certificate and two people to counter sign who’ve know you for at least three years each and have a clear CRB.

After spending a good couple of days filling it out you then post it off and wait to find out if you’ve passed the check.

When they say that you’ll have it in about four weeks, they lie.

I’ve had four CRB checks and the shortest amount of time I’ve ever had to wait is three months.

12 whole weeks.

During which time I couldn’t work with the guides or brownie groups I was having the check to work with.

I loved my time in the groups as a kid and went back as a leader so other kids could have the chance to do the things I did and loved.

I worked with four different groups and for each one I had to get a new check done.

With the new system if you have a clean valid certificate then any group you apply to work with can view it online and use it as your check for them.

Now it always used to annoy me having to go through the check for every group I worked with. Even more so when two of the times I had to do two checks at the same time.

But, it makes sense. Once your check is done its valid for three years before you need to get a new one. During that time you can then go and get a criminal record that you would think would invalidate the certificate. But it doesn’t. Don’t know why but it doesn’t and whatever it is you’ve done will only come out the next time you get the check done.

Now with the new system where you can move your certificate from one place to another, I can see there being a problem and things sliding through that really shouldn’t. Rather then allowing the checks to move with you to make it easier to start somewhere new, the government should improve the way that the checks are done and make it so the checks come through quicker.

More like the way you can get a passport. using your information to recheck it and issue you a new one.