According to Richard Dawkins it is.

he was raised Roman Catholic and claims a lot of the teachings mess with people’s heads long into adulthood.

From the age of seven I attended a Church of England church every week. And I believed in God and everything that comes with it in the way only a child can.

After I was confirmed into the faith I became an altar girl and every other week preformed those duties for six years, before I started questioning my faith and eventually came to the conclusion it wasnt for me after not getting answers I needed to stay in the church.

Some of my happiest childhood memories involve things that happened through the church. Much of that because I had I fantastic vicar who really knew how to get kids involved in the church.

So untill recently I would have disagreed with professor Dawkins.

But my child who sadly doesn’t live with me came out with a statement because of the way he’s being raised a christian that broke my heart.

his father recently re found his faith, but not before knocking up his then girlfriend less than a month after thy got together. he found faith and they got wed in what I consider to be a cult church not a real church.

I didn’t marry my ex before my son was born as I felt the money was better spent on preparing for the baby and I hated growing up knowing my parents only got married because I was coming along. they had an unhappy marriage, and like a lot of kids I blamed myself for them  not being happy. I didn’t want my son knowing we wed because he was coming before the planned date we had already set.

My son told me because I didn’t marry his father before he was born, he’s not a real child like his half-sister. That god doesn’t love him as much as her because we weren’t married and that we don’t love him properly because we didn’t marry. That he shouldnt be loved as much as her because we didnt marry.

None of that is true.

At least not for my side of his family who love him unconditionally and will do anything to make sure he knows he is loved, wanted and very much a proper child.

but because people at church and his own father have said things along those lines in his hearing he thinks it true.

My ex claims no ones said it around him when I challenged him about it, but my ex isn’t good with the truth, even more so when it could make him look less than good in others eyes. So I don’t believe him. plus by going to a cult church were I know I’m considered less than human because I refuse to believe in their god I wouldn’t put it past them to say nasty things about me to him even if it something that makes him unhappy.

My understanding of being a proper Christian is loving everyone no matter what and not making them feel bad for something they didn’t have any control over. Even more so when that person is an impressionable young child.

When I found out that this half sibling was coming I worried that he would be treated differently to her and think he was worth less than her and because of the way the so-called christians around him are behaving it has happened.

And it breaks my heart that he is moved to tears by what so-called christians have said to/ around him.

It’s not christian and I have come to the conclusion that raising a child in the way is worse than anything I was accused of as this is something which plays on his mind a lot and will more than likely do so for the rest of his life.

it saddens me to say it and believe it as I wanted him to have the same happy memories of church and associated events that I had growing up. but because I wasn’t married to his father when he was born he’ll never know the happiness I did as a child at church. the half sibling might since in their eyes she is a real child who is loved properly and god accepts her in a way he doesn’t my son.