Its harder then it looks.


Writing for kids is hard. Very hard.
OK I’ll admit I’ve only been trying to write a story about dragons for my six-year-old for about twelve hours now. Not long really, but long enough for me to want to pull my hair out.
There is the amount of words you want to use in your writing but your not sure if a six year old is able to read the word never mind understand the meaning of the word.
My son is learning to read and being the proud mother that I am I think he’s the best little reader in the world. even more so since he likes having stories with long words read to him. but I’m trying to write a book that kids will want to read to themselves or their younger siblings.
At the back of my mind I’ve go to remember that the words i write will need someone to put pictures to it and thinking about how its done in other books.
Never mind getting an artist on board to draw the pictures. someone who’s happy to draw lots of dragons and their world based on the words I put on the page.
So over all its a lot harder then i thought it would it would be.
If anyone knows someone who wouldn’t mind trying to put drawings to my words send them my way.


Its been a while

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its been a while since I wrote in here. since the last time a lot has happened.my depression has risen and fallen. I’ve sought therapy which helped a little and grown as a person a bit.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get used to living in my own place and juggling bills and spends on my son. not really easy to do when i spend a lot of time not wanting to leave my flat! any one with depression and anxiety will know just how hard it can be to have the get up and go to do anything.

the political climate at the moment in England hasn’t helped. every year with the budget more and more bad news comes. less in in-work benefits for people who don’t have full-time jobs, more companies only offering part-time or zero hour contracts. now isn’t a good time to be trying to get off benefits and earning your own money.

but then what do the people in power care when they have the ability to never worry about where the moneys going to come from to keep the lights on and water in the tap?

but my writing bug has been reactivated with the idea that I could possible make money from my writing by putting it on e-reader sites. which is something I’ve always wondered would I be good enough to do.

my dad is on board to help me work out which stories are any good and if I could possibly work them into longer stories people would pay money for. it helps knowing that my father who i think of as one of the most intelligent people i know believes that I have the ability to do it,  I’m going to try a new track and use my six-year-old to bounce ideas off.

he’s currently really into dragon and apart from the how to train you dragon series there really isn’t a lot of dragon books for kids his age. not ones with dragons as main charactors  anyway. so for him I’m going to try to write some and post the ones he likes on here before going full steam ahead and finding an artist for the pictures. hopefully my sister. a real family enterprise! it’ll either bring us all closer together or someone will end up dead. most likely my dad as he’s got the coolest head and most patience.