I hate trying to write dialogue.

Trying to use it to get important points across and move the story forward.

I know its an important part of any story and helps pull the reader into the story and care about the main people in the story and the things that are happening to and around them. Going back to an earlier post on being dyslexic I think i should say that last sentence was changed as no matter how hard I tried i couldn’t spell the word i wanted right. Even the spell checker couldn’t get close to the word I wanted to us with the way i was trying to spell it.

The best writers out there manage to give the protagonists their own voice. one different to the one they use in the prose of the story. Different to the one they use in their normal every day to day dealings with people.

Tome reading back what I’ve written it sounds a lot like how I would say things and not the best way I could put information across at that.

I really admire writers who manage to write really good dialogue. Authors like Terry Practchett for instance. The dialogue he uses in his work is so spot on and truly helps to get the reader into the persons mind. Granny Weatherwax for instance is a very strong protagonist who when you read her lines you know its her saying it with out having to read she said it.

Or Sam Vimes. Another very strong protagonist that again you read his lines and know they could only be spoken by him and no one else.

Yes Pratchett has had thirty years practice at getting it right compared to my thirty days doing almost nothing but trying to do it right. so there is a huge gap in experience there.I always thought that dialogue would be the easy bit of writing as I talk a lot myself and like nothing more then listening to others talk. hearing the way they chose to put their sentences together and the words they chose to put their point across. Even people in the same family use different ways to say the same thing.

But writing it is much harder then I thought it would be. for all I enjoy listening to people talk I can’t seem to get my head around writing it.

It doesn’t really help that due to the Dyslexia Imp who likes messing with my brain when writing means i find myself changing the way I write as i can’t get the words i want to use spelt right.

Hopefully the family and friends I’m using to edit the stories I’ve drafted so far will help give the people their own voices in a better way then I can. We’ll just have to wait and see.