I’ll admit it took me a long time to learn how to spell dyslexia and i had to double check the spelling just now.

What a stupidly hard word to pick for a condition that in part means you have a tonne of trouble spelling.

Dyslexia affects different people in many different ways. I’m not going to go into all the ways as this post is an all about me post. Or more importantly how I’m finding trying to write stories while the dyslexia is on full “I’m gonna screw up your work mode”.

So a little bit about my form of dyslexia. I’m number blind. I have to work extra hard to do even the most simple of sums, often coming up with different answers to the same sum in a short period of time.My six year old son is better at maths then I am. And i can honestly say I couldn’t be happier for him. So far it looks like he has escaped the pain of any form of dyslexia. Fingers crossed it carries on to be the case.

I was in high school before i was told I had an unusual form of dyslexia. My reading age at the age of 12 was nineteen. I was reading at a Higher level then the school catered for. but being number blind and having very poor writing, spelling and grammar skills meant that i was dyslexic.

Cue lots of extra lessons at school to help me learn how to work around the problems I have. I had to go back to day one of school. Relearning how to make the shapes of letters, put them together to make words and learning how to take a deep breath before trying to spell things.

It was amazingly frustrating to be going back to the beginning, to a level lower then my six year old brother was working at at the time. But looking back now 17 years after i started the extra lessons I couldn’t be happier that i had the chance to do them.

I still have the problems but I’ve learnt ways to deal with it. And have the confidence to try to get past them to write stories and books for kids my sons age.

So spelling. Thank god for spell checker. Although there was more then once i totally broke it. To the point where my dad to break out his tools to fix it again. I can laugh about it now but at the time it was beyond anything i felt i could cope with.  How many people can say they broke spell checker to the point where the PC tower had to be taken apart to fix it?

Even now I get more red lines under wrongly spelt words then I care to admit too. If I didn’t have it on this blog then no one else would be able to read it with ease. But often i don’t know I’ve spelt the words wrong. To me it looks right and no matter how hard I look I can’t see where I went wrong.

But, I can tell when someone else has spelt something wrong. I may not be able to tell you how it’s spelt wrong or what the right spelling for that word is, but I know it’s wrong.

Grammar. What can I say?

Well to me I often don’t see it on the page. I often have no clue how to use it properly. How to structure a sentence so it reads better and makes more sense. Just where to put the punctuation in or which one I should be using.

Not a great problem for a budding author to have. But again there’s grammar check programmes out there. And like spell checker I have broken a few. So I often don’t use it. Instead relying on the editing skills of friends and family.

I have problems with getting the words out on the page. Often writing the same word two or three times. Not knowing that I’ve done it till either i read it back or someone else points it out. The notebook I’m using to write the stories in first before putting on the computer is full of useless repeated words crossed out.

For me it’s not worth giving into the dyslexia. I have all these ideas for stories that want to be told, So no matter how long it takes to get the words on paper, in the right order spelt and grammared properly I will overcome this bugger of a condition and get the stories out there. Hopefully they’ll help someone else with the condition see that despite it you can write for others to enjoy.

Every time I feel down about it and not getting very far writing I just remember that I have a little boy who’s waiting to hear the next story and tell me how I can make it better for him. Who gives me more ideas for stories, and asks for the ones i’ve finished the first drafts of to be read to him again. with or without the changes he doesn’t care. He’s just in love with the world I’ve created for him using his favourite mystical creatures. Dragons. In ways he’s never seen them before doing things he didn’t know they could do.

So if friends and family get fed up of editing for me I’ll just have to find new people to take up the mantel of helping me out.