Doing my normal reading free online newspapers and came across this.

I normally only read the Daily Mail for laughs. There’s normally a badly spelled and grammared article on there about how standards in schools are slipping and children don’t know basic spelling and grammar. I know mine isn’t up to much but I have a great excuse I’m dyslexic.

Anyway back to the point. The above link takes you to an article about a company that is offering home smear tests for around £129.

They hope that by offering a smaller do it at home kit more women will be willing to take a test.

There’s worrying stats on  how many women avoid having a test. 5 million are behind on testing, 1 million have never had a test.

The main excuse is that they worry about it hurting or don’t have time to have it done.


As far as I’m concerned you owe it to yourself and your kids if you have them to get tested. It takes five minutes tops and while a little uncomfortable it doesn’t hurt and three years of peace of mind is more then worth it. And by doing it at the doctors it doesn’t cost anything.

I’m sure that it’s a great idea and it could possibly get more women to get themselves tested but at £129 a throw just how many women are really going to go for it. If there’s a way the company can bring the price of the tests down then maybe more would be tempted to try it.

I myself am more then happy to go have a nurse do it. when they do it, they look in there and can spot if anything is wrong, something which wouldn’t happen with a home kit.

At my last test last month instead of having waiting for the results playing on my mind I was comforted by the nurse saying that I had a good healthy looking cervix. So when the results came just over a week later it confirmed what the nurse. My cervix is healthy and theres nothing to worry about. So I’ll be back in three years for the next one. And now I know they can see the cervix when doing the test I’ll be asking if it looks healthy.