Maddie McCann

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Ten years ago today a young girl disappeared from a holiday flat while her parents where getting drunk in a bar some distance away. Since then the world has been divided as to the role her parents played in her disappearance.

A lot of people myself included believe that the McCann’s are to blame whole heartedly for her disappearance and  if the poor child is dead then they have her blood on their hands.

How can so called intelligent people believehat it is OK to not only leave young children alone in an apartment in a different country, they where in a different building a good five minute walk away from the children.

My parents never left my siblings and I alone until as the eldest i was in my mid teens and had enough sense to be able to look after the younger two. the youngest of which was nearly in double figures.

For the last ten years people have debated back and forth over whos to blame and whats happened to the child. One thing everyone can agree on is that it is heart breaking that a young girl has gone missing and is alone in the world.

People have refereed back to other case of missing children where the parents have been dragged over the coals and very heavily investigated before being cleared of having anything to do with the disappearance.

From what has been reported the McCanns haven’t had the same invasive look at that others in their situation have.

A lot of people believe it is because of their jobs. One a GP and one an eminent heart surgeon.  This may or may not be the case. But from the reporting it has been far more positive of the parents then in other cases.

For instance Ben Needlehams parents where dragged through the mud when he went missing and yet they didn’t do anything wrong. He was playing in a family members garden when he was taken, with members of the family close by.

The McCanns where neglectful and didn’t do everything in their power to keep their children safe.

I have always thought that they should have had the twins taken off them until which ever child protection agency has completed a full investigation into them, concluded they where safe to have children. Its whats happened in other cases so not this one.

As for the twins what sort of life are they being made to live where they are constantly in the shadow of their parents hunger for media coverage. No one seems to be thinking about the twins and how their lives have been affected by their sisters disappearance. They where so young when it all happened that quite possibly the only memories they have off her are news reports and their parents ignoring their health and well well being to appear on the latest show who wants an interview.

While I cant imagine the pain of having a child taken and never knowing if they are a live or not. How that messes with your head or anything else, there are still two children who need to live a normal happy life. One where they are the centre of attention every once in a while and not always in the shadow of a sister they cant remember.

All this is before you consider the cost to us the tax payers. £11 million, in the last few years just for Scotland yard to be involved. Money which while I’m sure any parent in that situation would say had to be spent. But, in the grand scheme of things £11 million to re hash everything that has gone before with no new leads is a waste of public money?

How many police officers could have bee  trained and hired with that money? How many other investigations have fallen by the wayside because funding was being sent to Portugal rather then being spent at home?

How many other children have gone missing in that time who that money could have been used to find?

And then you get headlines like this:


And this:


And this:



And this:



None of it makes for happy reading, and the comment sections are full of people arguing about what happened that night and the motives behind both the press and McCanns for keeping it in the public view all the time.

My son who was born 18 months after she disappeared knows who and what was involved that night through it being on the television.

No one will ever know what truely happened that night. We cant while lies are being told and people wont take responsibility for their actions leading to this unfortunate event.

All I can say is that it will take a lot to convince me that the parents haven’t had a major part to play in what happened. And lets be honest here in this day and age what idiots leave three very young children alone in a strange place so they can go and get pissed?



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I’m not proud to say it but i am a little racist.

I’m this way because of experiences i had trying to bring up a baby in a mostly Asian town.

So before I moved to Rochdale and had my son, i wouldn’t have thought of myself as racist. I grew up in a white town and was a teen before the first non white family moved in. I didn’t have feelings one way or another about race. how could I as I didn’t have any experience to basis any opinions on.

So fast forward a few years I’m twenty one heavily pregnant and living in Rochdale. Muslims past my house to go to mosque, and there where times when gangs of teens heading there threw comments my way. “Slut. Whore. you should give your baby to a proper family.” just some of the things said.

I was twenty one and in a committed relationship. we’d been together nearly three years when we moved to Rochdale, and been engaged for two.

I mostly ignored the comments thrown my way. I had bigger things to worry about. Things like have we got enough nappies and are the baby grows going to fit the baby when he comes.

After I had my son, I had an hour with his dad while a bed was found then both of us where wheeled away as it wasn’t visiting time. I’d have to wait six hours to see my family again.

Again didn’t think much of it. rules are rules, and after nearly a two day labour I didn’t feel like talking to anyone anyway.

That night another new mum and baby where wheeled into the ward. An asian mother not much older then myself. with them came ten family members. seeming shouting at the top of their lungs. the midwife asked them to keep the noise down and left them to it.

two hours and many complaints by me and other white mothers later, to which we where told we can’t kick them off the ward theyd cause to much trouble, I called my other half and made him complain. within moments of him calling who ever was in charge of the hospital that night the family where finally made to leave.

The rules should be the same for everyone. My son wasn’t even 24 hours old and for most of that he’d been wide awake and very gassy.

Soon that family slipped my mind I was home an trying to get used to breast feeding every hour and half on the dot.

fast forward seven months and my son and I are at a mums and tots group run by the local sure start centre. There was an even spilt of white families and Muslim families. i know this because they weren’t mixed. the white families at one end of the room and the Muslim ones at the other.

My son at the time s was starting to motor along on his own and as long as he wasn’t in danger of being hurt i left him to it. He and a Muslim child not much older then himself wanted to play with the same toy. They were happily sharing the toy when the boys mother in the full body covering came over grabbed the toy and her child and moved them back to their side of the room.

This made my son cry and me very angry. I tried to talk to the woman but was ignored and a few minutes later i was told off by the staff there for causing a problem.

I admit I might not have been as polite as I could have been. Telling the woman that her actions are why children grow up to hate her and others like her. My son was just playing with her child and they were making friends.

There where times when I’d be out shopping on my own or with my son and the male Asian shop workers would serve men in the line behind me before they served me. or would ignore me when i asked when something was.

I was spat at in the street by Asian’s, women, men and children. once it hit my son in his pram. I caused a scene then an there and amazingly nothing happened to me or the family even though there where police officers across the street.

Over three years living in Rochdale i experienced a lot of racism aimed my way, to the point where i would only enter a shop if there where white staff working there. I didn’t feel safe if there was a gang of Asian boys near me on the street, where as i felt completely safe if it was a gang of drug smoking white boys.

Something i never thought would happen as i grew up thinking gangs of white boys where quite scary and to be avoided.

So in short after my experience in Rochdale I am Racialist and don’t like being around Muslims. I know that not all are like what I experienced in Rochdale, but that was a town over run with people acting like that and it has coloured my view of all Muslims.

So what got me writing this post? The BBC is running a season about race and how attitudes to it affect people. And it got me thinking.

75% of people say they are in no way racist and wouldn’t like to be with anyone who is. But race crime is up and far right groups are on the rise. So people are lying in public about not being racist but are behind closed doors.

I know my saying in public that I am a racist after my experience’s isn’t something that going to win me many friends. But, i cant lie about it. I feel safer around white people. My son never had a new friend taken away by a white mother. To date I have never been spat at  by any one who wasn’t Asian, or been ignored in a shop by someone who wasn’t Asian.

I don’t like feeling this way. Or the fact that the experiences I’ve had had led me to feel this way. I get on with the Asains who run my local take away across the road. But it took a few visits before i felt comfortable in there.

One of them asked my why I didn’t seem comfortable there one day, and I told them about my time in Rochdale. They listened and then told me that, that was part of the reason they and their family had left that area and set up shop where I live.

They saw people being mistreated for not being the same and even being mistreated themselves for not being as uptight as others.

With the boys at the takeaway I know I can ask them any question about their faith and the lives of their families in the mid east. They want to teach people that not all Asians are bad and often enjoy the same things as any one else. They want me asking questions of them. They see it as their job to teach people things.

I have to say through them in a mostly white town I have learnt more about their faith and community then I did living amongst it in Rochdale. I hope that they’ll still answer my questions in time to come and help me turn my thinking around on all Asians.

If my experiences in Rochdale had been like the ones I’ve had in that take away then I wouldn’t have any racist thoughts or feel less safe around Asian gangs then I do white.

Work in progress here, but I’m prepared to put the time in as i don’t want to carry on thinking the way i do.

And, in the end it’s up to all whatever their skin colour or faith to say yes we’re a little or a lot racist but we want to change. We want to get on with one another and feel safe no matter what. Until then race and faith crime will probably carry on rising  and more people will find themselves in the position I have. With racist thoughts because of what they themselves have experienced while trying to live their lives in a peaceful way.

theres a baby on the way.

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And it’s not mine.

The baby in question is the half-brother or sister of my son.

My ex has got his girlfriend of three and a half months, three months pregnant.

Very quick work by any ones standards. But, even worse when you consider that they are meant to be god fearing christians who do what the bible tells them.

This is a relationship that I was against from the start given the mess everyone’s lives was in during the time they got together.

I can’t help thinking that there is something majorly wrong for them to be expecting the baby around the time of my son’s birthday.

My son who’s going to be affected by this more than anything is so excited about their being a baby. He’ll make a wonderful big brother. He’s the most loving and caring child you could ever met, even after everything he has gone through in his short life.

So because of that I need to be positive about this.Which from where I’m sat is pushing things a bit too far.

This is a child who’ll be born to parents who don’t know the first thing about each other, who fell into bed as soon as they could. One of whom less than a week before the falling into bed happened said he didn’t think he could ever be mates with the other never mind anything else.

When my ex told me he said he knew that the news would upset me. But at the moment I just feel numb about it. My father who is the most pleasant person you could ever wish to met has stronger feeling on this issue then I do at the moment. He’s upset, disappointed and angry enough for the both of us at the moment.

My god mother said that this just shows how much of a bastard the man really is and how lucky I am to be out of a relationship with him now.

It’s true to say that he is no longer the man I fell in love with. Hell the fact that this womans pregnancy is nearly as far a long as the relationship has been happening says a lot.

I know for a fact that the other sexual relationships he has had only started after he had been with those people for at least four months.

I think the main thing that has hit me is how hard this is going to make my spending time with my son. Before this baby, I was promised that I would spend my son’s birthday with him and christmas. I don’t see how that will be happening now. That girl is going to be there for everything, that as far as I can see she has no right to be.

the main thing I feel about this is just numb. Theres nothing there for me to feel yet.

Even through out this whole thing i have loved this man. Before we got together he was my best mate. Throughout this whole mess i’ve not only lost the man i loved but my best mate as well. I dont believe that there could ever be a chance any more for us to even get that friendship back.

This woman has made sure of that. Not by getting up the duff. But, by making sure that she is always there whenever i have to deal with my ex, or see my son.

Either way i have six months to come to terms with this and try to sort things out so i can still be there for my sons birthdays and christmases.

Not being able to have kids.

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I have one son who I have spoken about in earlier posts.

The chances are he will be my only child. Which is something that I never thought would happen. I always thought that i would have a handful kids. I love kids and enjoy being around them as they experience things and seeing the wonder in their faces when they do something new.

Because of something that happened a couple of years ago I find myself in a position when I can’t bring myself to even think about having another child.

Two years ago my son was taken from my care by social services. after a long court battle my ex who at the time this all happened I was still with and planning to marry got sole care of my son after we agreed to spilt up.

At the court session I was told that I would only be allowed to see my son under supervised conditions for just a few hours a month. This is because I failed my son by getting ill and not providing the sort of living environment that he needed. During this time I feel I wasnt given the help I need to be the mother that my son needs. Even after I asked for help and tried hard to do the things that help set out for me.

Hell even two years after this all started social services still havent got my name and date of birth right. I mean how hard is it to make sure that a name and date of birth are right. It took nearly a year to get them to admit that i wasnt brought up in a single parent household in the area i was living in at the time and that the man i was engaged to really was my sons biological father. Bit hard for him not to be considering that he was the only man i had slept with for two years before my son was born. Hell un like a lot of people out there i have only slept with two people in my entire life. both of whom i was oin a long term relationship with. Not because of religious reasons. More because i brought up to believe that taking taht last intimate step is something you should only do when you really care about someone and are planning on being with them for a long time.

According to socail services this makes me niave and inexperince. How the hell can not sleeping around be turned into a bad thing?

At the same session I was told that from now on till I die I will have a note on my medical records that means that if I ever get pergant social services will be informed. This is something that will hang over me for life and will have to disclose to anyone I may be starting a relationship with.

It’s not something that I could hold off telling someone till I was sure that we could go the distance. Thats just not fair on that person. So they would need to be told as soon as it was clear that there was something between us. Thats a lot to put on someone. And hope that they can deal with it. I’m not sure that I could deal well with it if I was on the receiving end of news like that.

This order waput on my records fairly quickly which i found out when i went to the doctors after suffering a misscarriage. Since i had lost the child there wasnt any need for socail to find out. Yes up until recently i was still sleeping with my ex as i believed thatthere was a chance we could still be a proper family with our son.

He recently realy hurt me when he told me he had started a relationship with a new girl and that he had been looking for a way out of our relationship even before socail got involved. Which let me tell you was news to me. Theres no way in hell i would have carried on sleeping with him if i knew he felt that way. Hell he hasnt even traded me in for a better model. she’s younger then me but every one agrees i am the better looking and thinner. The main comment about her i have heard is she looks like the back end of a bus and has a not very nice personilty.

I went off the rails and caused probs for him and this girl. Even calling the police on this girl after hearing some concerning stuff about her from my son. It turns out that there was nothing to it and after a few days suspended from her work things are back to normal for her. Do i feel guilty? Not at all. I was merely trying to look after my son from a postion of not knowing this girl and only going off what my son told me about her.

Not being in a good mental place before this happened due to depression i prob way over reacted. And because of that and the results of doing what i thought was best for my son, all be it missguided i am in a worse place then i was and things are pretty bleak right now.

There will always be a part of me that loves my ex. He helped create the most amazing child in the world. But there will always be a part of me that hates him for allowing things to get out of control by working away from home when he knew i wasnt coping well. Leading me on and dropping me like a piece of rubbish when some girl bats her lashes at him. And even hearing through the grape vane that he doesnt believe i have the misscarriage. He wont even talk to me about it anymore as we “dont have the emotional connection” thats needed to do so any more.

He’s moved on with his life and is now with a girl who’ll be able to give him as many kids as they want witout any problems.

Yes i hate her because of that. And the fact that she has taken everything away from me that my ex promised. all within a sort space of time.

I cant help how i feel about her.

Just like i cant help the fact that any future partner of mine will have to deal with me not being able to give him kids with out there being a question mark over if we get to bring them up ourselves.

I couldn’t put someone else through that. Having to go through having every part of your life examined by people who are looking for a reason to take your child away from you. The possiblity of that child being taken away. what sort of life ould that child have. spending the first god knows how long being a ward of the state while the court waits for socail services to tell it what to do.

Knowing that they would have to ave been a super man to deal with the baggage i come with and the fact that they will never ever be number one in my heart. That place belongs only to my son, and takes up so much of my love i dont know if i have any left over for someone else.

Just how badly would it effect the child i already have? Knowing that there is a brother or sister growing in mummys tummy and then being told that they cant meet them because some cold hearted witch came and took the baby away as soon as it was out of mummys tummy.

Just how badly would the stress i would be going through effect the baby as it grows within me. Would it cause complications for the baby? Could the stress of the situation result in another child?

It wouldnt be fair to put anyone through that. even more so the child i already have. the one who didnt ask for this to happen and doesnt understand why mummy and daddy arent together anymore, why he cant spend more time with mummy or call her when ever he wants to.

God only knows what the future may hold. But for me it more then likely holds never having a true relationship with someone again and growing old having only hjad one child who by a twist of fate and the innterferance of socail services is being brought up in a broken home whilst he father brings other women into his life.


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It comes in many forms.

Theres the love we have for our parents. We may not always like them but we still love them. Hell the several times I’ve told my parents that I hate them and will never like them again. I’ve rarely told them that I didn’t love them any more. And I may have meant it at the time, but very quickly realised I didn’t really mean it.

I love my mother, even though for the past 18 months she’s not been there for me and we didn’t talk for nearly a year. I have always loved her as any child loves their mother and have gone through many months of hating the ground she walked upon. we’re working on getting along better now. And if it wasn’t for that love we share we still wouldn’t be talking now.

Theres the love we have for our children. The love that eclipses all others. We will never love someone as much as we love our kids. Thats just part and parcel of being a parent.

Since becoming a mother myself I have found my ability to love has grown with each day that passes. And that love is all directed at my son. As I only have a single child I don’t know how parents with two or more deal with the amount of love they have inside of them. I know from talking to parents that they found with each child their ability to love and hold it inside grows and grows.

I don’t know how people who have more than one kid get anything done during the day. My son is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. Not an hour of the day goes by without me thinking of him. Maybe its something that you deal with and gets less distracting as your child grows older.

Theres the love we have for our friends. We all have one or two mates who it doesn’t matter how long it is since you last spoke or saw each other, when you get together again its as if no time has passed at all.

Theres the mates who you go to when you need a pick me up or talk about your problems with. You love them all but, in different ways and for different reasons. But, in a way that love is fleeting. It can come and go and be transferred to others who fill the need when we have one.

Theres the love with have for our partners. It can come on strong and fast. And burn out fairly quickly. Or it can build over time becoming bigger and stronger. Something that doesn’t burn out and gives you the greatest gift you could have apart from children.

I know that the love i have for my ex was something that burned bright after meeting him and grew as we got to know each other. We knew each other for three years before we got together. So we missed out a lot of the getting to know each other bit whilst starting a romantic relationship.

Our love lead to us getting engaged after six months, moving in together three months later, and on our years anniversary we conceived the most amazing child in existence. A child who was born a year and two days after we moved in together.

That love got us through hard times and untill recently we still had the shared love. Something for us both to hold onto while we went through a tough time.

That changed when she entered the scene, my exes new partner. He turned his feelings for me off and unto her. I can’t blame him for that, not really. He made the choice to move on and only let me know after he did it. That hurt and hell I still havent managed to move on yet.

that’s something I have to deal with in my own sweet time. just wish that it was sooner rather than later.

Talking of exes there is the love we have for them. They helped make us who we are. If we hadn’t had that love for them and allowed them into our lives then we wouldn’t have had the experiences we did. We would be without some of the happy memories they helped make.  We wouldn’t be able to know what makes us happy in a relationship and what doesn’t.

So all in all we have love in our lives even when we feel we don’t. And even though its hard to hold onto that fact. It’s still true.

Being an absent parent.

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It’s not easy being an absent parent.

I am one through things that I did and allowed to happen to my son 18 months ago.

At the time I was on my own with an active 18 month old and a partner who worked away all week. I was on high levels of anti depressant‘s and even taking diazepam during part of the time this happened.It would be very easy to blame everything that happened on my being depressed and taking a mixture of prescribed drugs. But that’s not all it was. Part of it was that and part was being on my own with a challenging toddler, who before he was ten months old had started walking, climbing and jumping off things.

So some things happened and he got some injuries that I couldn’t explain, even now the best part of two years later. My son was taken into care. My partner who I was supposed to be marrying kept me believing that we had a future together, and social services and the police got involved and made it so I wont be allowed to be left alone with my son until he’s eighteen.

In the space of three weeks I was involved in a car crash, had the news that the now ex partner had found someone new to play mummy to my son, and that he was only keeping me hanging on so he had someone to help him get his rocks off. And was told by the judge that I can only spend four hours once every two weeks with my son with someone supervising our time together untill he turns 18.

Needless to say the past few months have been a strain. One which during the little time I have with my son I have to work really hard to keep away from him.

As an absent parent, I live every day with the guilt of not being there for my son during the day. On top of the guilt of knowing in all likely hood I hurt the one person in this world I would do anything to make sure they didn’t know pain or were hurt in any way.

I’m not the first parent who’s in this position and I’m far from being the last. I’m unusual in the fact that as a mother I am the one who was turned into an absent parent. Ninety percent of the time its the fathers who are put in this position.

It’s not just parents who have kids who got injured who are in this position. theres also the unamiable splits, where the parents are so concerned with trying to hurt each other that they end up going to family court and one will have their access to their child restricted. Or if they don’t go to the family court, one will end up being made to feel like the big bad wolf so badly and regularly that they end up not seeing their child at all.

Now I’m lucky in that I am still able to see my son and my father is the one who supervises my time with my son. Which is for the best considering that my ex and I cant be in the same room for more then ten mins without argueing.we both end up shouting and calling the other a lair. Which we both believe about the other whole heartedly.

The trust between the two of us is gone and I don’t know if we will ever get it back. Which isn’t in the interest of our son. who needs two parents that can get on and be friendly whenever they are around each other.

Going through all this has made me realise just how screwed up someone must be to never see their child again. To be a complete absent parent, has to be the hardest thing in the world. It’s hard enough for me not see my son for thirteen days out of fourteen.

But by the same token its hard on the child. I know from how my son gets that if I need to go to the loo during our time together my son really doesn’t like it and gets clingly when I get back to him. When its time to leave he always wants just one more hug and one more kiss.Tangling his hands in my hair so I cant leave him.

I know from talking to other parents who only see their kids occasionly that the same thing happens to them. That their kids will play and join in whatever activity is happening, but the kids keep an eye on where they are at all times and get distressed when they lose sight of the parent.

We were all told that this was in the childs best intrest, but how can it be when the child grows up without both their parents around full time. Never really understanding what happened to put them in this situation. Not knowing how one faceless person has come to the conclusion they did and wont change their mind no matter how the circumstances change. With only having limited time with one where they get disstressed if they lose sight of the parent and when its home time.

Theres no easy answer to any of this. But i know that my son wants his family living together under one roof and getting along. I would do anything to make that happen. Nothing would be too hard or bad for me not to do it, to make my sons wish come true.

I love my son more then anything, and dispite everything that has happened i am still very much in love with my ex. Even though i know that he hates me and wishes he had never got involved with me, or atleast left me and took my son before all this happened.

We cant change whats happened in the past. All we can do is make the best of here and now. Which in my case is waiting around for my son to make one of his twice weekly calls, weeing him once a fortnight. And, making and sending him his special cards which he tells me he loves getting, and has started telling me what he wants ont he card next.

To all parents out there who dont get to see their kids as much as they like, you have my love and empathy.

To all kids out there who doesnt get to see their mum or dad as much as they like, remember they love you more than anything and think about you evey day. The highlight of their day, week, month or year is being able to speak to and see you.

Same goes for the grown up kids who ahve moved away to uni or to start their own life and family. No matter who old you get your parents will always be thinking of you and wishing they would be with you. Even when you drive them wild.

Childhood photos.

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I got a call late tonight from my son, way after I expected him to be in bed.

He wanted to talk to me because he, his dad and the new gf of dad where baby videos of him. The new gf was sat there talking to ex whilst I talked to my little boy.

They both know that makes me feel awkward and that I hate it when she’s around. She’s my replacement in every way. My son calls her mummy and she has taken my place in my ex’s life. A place until she showed up I was promised I would get back.

Anyway, the not so little man, he’s not far off four-foot, wanted to talk to me and was trying to show me over the phone what he was seeing. Like a lot of kids he is very vain and loves seeing photos of himself. To the point where if i get given photos of him I have to hide them quick before he claims them as his. He even knows how to the camara on my phone better than I do and his fave subject, himself.

Now my son is only three and he loved seeing his family all together and seeing us do stuff together as a family. Thank god for digital , without it he wouldn’t have half the photos and videos to watch that he does.

It got me thinking about the photos I have from my childhood. When I was forced out of the house I shared with my ex by social services I moved back in with my father.

He and my mother had spilt up a few years before hand and as such the photos were divided. My dad not being the most organised of people left his share where they were put when the photos where spilt. My father is better with digital photos. That way he ca find them and mes with the levels in the photo. My dad will most likely die with a camara in his hands. He is forever finding things to take photos of and for a lot of important events he only sees them through the lens of a camara.

But, since my dad is like that we have a ton of photos in the house. Which means going through my own childhood photos before digital came into our lives takes a long time. He only got worse when he got his first digital camara in 01.

So after getting off the phone to my little man i took out our old photos and started going through them. Having been in this house they aren’t in any sort of order. Which just makes going through them all the more fun.

The photos of us kids go back to my birth 24 and a half years ago. So que tons of dodgy clothes and hair.

Theres something heart breaking about going through old photos. Seeing people full of life in them who are no longer with us. Photos full of people we can’t remember the names of, who when the photo was taken meant something. Even if it was just being a friend to a child.

Seeing children change from young and innocent to grown and knowledgeable. Losing that sense of fun and happiness all children instinctively have. The smiles become less sweet and endearing. They become more distant from their perants. Even if there touching in the photo there is still a form of distance there.

Siblings go from being all over each other, to being awkward with each other to if their lucky being comfortable with each other again. Even more so when your talking about brothers and sisters.

Childhood photos are something to be treasured forever. They capture a moment in your life that you’ll never get back. A moment you may have been too young at the time to remember.

With the advent of digital photography more and more of those moments are getting captured and saved. More for us to look back on and hold onto when the kids have flown the nest, or in some cases like mine forcefully taken away.

As the technolgy becomes cheaper to show the digital photos in frames and on keyrings, our homes will become even more full of photos of family and special moments. In some cases changing picture every few seconds so you’re never going to get used to seeing the same photo in the same place all the time.

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