Tomorrow I’ve been talked into taking my son for a ride on a real life steam train. Not even Thomas or the Flying Scotsman, just your average bog standard steam engine.

And the price of this hour joinery one stop away and back £14. £14 for two adults and a three-year old. Now i love my boy and would get him anything he wants but £14 seem too much to spend on going on a train. To go the same distance on a normal train would be less than £5.

But, I cant complain about the price really. He was promised a ride on a steam train when he managed to use the big boy toilet twenty times for a pee and two times for a poo. After a couple of accidents (the last couple being with poo) he has managed to be mostly toilet trained, without the use of a potty, in just over a week.

Every day that i have spoken to him since he hit the magic target of stickers on the chart he has counted the number of days off till he gets to go ont he train with mummy and granddad. Cant forget granddad. The little mans favouritest person int he whole wide world.

My dad, bless him thinks it’s all a bit weird to get so excited about going on a steam train. This is the man who at nearly 61 has seen moe changes to the way we live then almost anyone else i know. Until he was about my age (he mumbles), the only trains you could get where steam trains.

Train stations where full of horrible smoke and the smell! dont get him started on the smell, or the dirt from the coal smoke.

Even at 24 i’m excited about going to see/ride the steam train. Cant remember the last time i went on one, I’m tols i was about eight. And i do feel a little bubble of wonder when i see a steam train go by. The trains we use every day are much faster and cleaner to use but just not as much fun.

We’ll be going on the East Lancs Railway steam train which is on a dedicated line between Heywood and Rawtenstall. Really not that far in the grand scheme of things, but i think far enough if not a bit too far for a little boys attention span. Think i’ll pack a couple of things that he can do on the train, just in case.

He’s said he wants to go somewhere nice to eat, He originally wanted to eat on the train and was disappointed to hear that there wasnt food on the train we’ll be getting. So i fully expect him to say he wants to go to McDonald’s instead. Would rather take him to a market café.

My son loves people watching and asking things about what he sees so a nice little market café would keep him entertained while we waited for food, as well as not breaking the bank.

Next time i see him we’ll be going to a children’s entertainment/learning center called Eureka in Halifax. Dont know how much of it we’ll get done in a day but we’ll give it a go.

We’re planning on going to a petting farm sometime soon, when the weather is nicer and it isn’t lambing season.