Going grey

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As a woman it is expected that you go kicking and screaming into the world of having a head of grey hair.

Not me. This year I turn thirty, and i am in the position of no longer being able to pluck the grey out without seriously reducing the amount of hair I have. I noticed the first grey hairs in my hair when i was 24. lucky they were at the nape of my neck so easy to hide till they where long enough to pluck without taking other hairs with them.

As the years have past the grey has taken over more of my hair and now stands out amongst its nearly pitch black brethren. At first when I noticed the grey migrating to where everyone can see it i was heart broken. I love my natural hair colour and the various different colours it goes in the summer sun.

But then again I’m thirty in just over three months and my twenties haven’t been the pleasant happy go ┬álucky time i thought they would be.

I suffered a horrible pregnancy and labour. Had post natal depression that has since been re classed as psychosis due tot he fact i cant remember a large part of the the first three years of my sons life.

I have spent eight years fighting to get mentally stable again and during that time not really taken good care of myself so of course i’m showing signs of ageing before my time. even more so before my time when you consider people have trouble believing that i am nearly thirty when they see me face to face. Most say they would believe about 25-27 not nearly the big 30.

anyway back to the subject. Grey Hair.

I thought it would be a disaster getting it. its an old person thing that you don’t wan to admit to.

Well i was wrong. As it turns out now I’ve gotten used to having the grey there i quite like it. I’m lucky in the fact that a lot of it has grown in as more streaks of grey like highlights then all over the place.

The grey in my case is also much thicker then the brown hair. I always believed that grey hair would be thinner and break easier then non grey hair. well in my case the opposite is true. So why would i want to damage it by colouring it.

Plus there’s the fact that if i colour my hair to hide the ever growing number of grey I’ll lose getting to see my hair become all natural shades when bleached by the summer sun. After a while of being in the sun i have reds come through, blondes and all the browns hair can be. so its a little like getting lots of different colour streaks put in, only i get it for free after just a few hours in the sun.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is I’m in the winter of my twenties with 20% grey hair and love it. No one will push me into getting it died just to keep to social norms for people my age. My hairs in great condition right now and I want to keep it that way not damage it with dyes.


Sun on Sunday

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It was announced late last week that there will be a new sunday news paper.

The Sun on Sunday. From now on known as SoS.

Murdock flew into the country at short notice, It was thought that he had flown into the country to personally deal with the mess of having five of his staff arrested for bribery. Paying shed loads of money for information that they shouldnt have had any access too. An MOD officer and Senior Police officer where also arrested at the same time for taking the bribes.

The staff was suspended by their direct line managers. Within a few hours of Murdock being back in the country they were re-instated and let loose on the paper. Normally in a situation like that if they were re-instated it would be taken as a show of faith by their boss. But in this case its hard to see it that way.

Over the past year or so there have been so many people from News Internationals papers arrested for things like this and phone hacking. Some of them such as Andy Coulson, had already left and where working new jobs. In the case of Coulson working in a highly sensitive environment within the government.

Cant really say anything about him being a shady character when the world of politics is full of shady people who are just interested in what they can get for themselves.

Some like Rebecca Brooks had risen through the levels of the Corps and Where in charge of others and making sure they did things legally. Turns out not the be the case.

So last year Murdock closed down the News of the World because of actions like those that got five of his staff arrested last week.

And instead of sorting out this latest mess on his doorstep he is releasing another paper. One which he hopes will be successful. Even though it will be accessed of performing the same practices as its sister papers. Which will be hard to disprove as the paper will be using some of the same staff as the NotW and the Sun.

The sun is the cheapest paper out there at the moment and they are promising that the SoS will be the cheapest paper on a sunday. Which wouldn’t be hard given that your avarage sunday paper costs about two pounds these days. Often the sunday papers are just a round-up of the previous weeks news and so don’t really contain much that you couldn’t have read in the week day paper or online.

And for the first week or two it will sell like hot cakes. People will be buying it to see what its like and mostly just to say that they bought it. when the NotW issued its last paper they sold the highest number of papers in their history. A lot of people bought the paper then as a way of seeing just what we were losing. The paper had been going for over a hundred years and most people will have read it at some point in their life.

In this day and age papers are becoming obsolete. Less and less people are buying them and instead getting their news through websites. Often websites for the very papers they aren’t buying anymore.

Papers over the years have become more and more expensive to produce and buy. And as a result many people aren’t buying them anymore. The times another Murdock publication has started charging people to use their paper’s website. Its cheaper than buying the paper with the added bonus of not having to get rid of the paper once finished with it.

So will the SoS survive in this day and age? I don’t know. Its entering a srinking market, with the hope that a large amount of that market will switch their paper to them. Its a large ask given that this paper is coming out six months after the NotW shut up shop and their readership will have either moved to other papers or not be buying a paper any more.

For all the problems that there will be in starting up a new publication, one associated with the going s on at news international, I do wish them luck. Theres something nice about getting a newspaper. Not just because newpapers used to be used to wrap your fish and chips. But because there is something nice about opening a paper and getting the ink all over the place.

Its only a matter of time before that becomes a story we tell our kids and grandkids, but for the moment its something we can do every day if we so wish.