Its late at night. Theres on one around. So why do I get the feeling that someone is following me. Watching my every move.

I look around again. And, again there is nothing there. Just the fog rolling off the sea. Making everything pale into the background. Softening the nosies of the night.

Thats all thats giving me the creeps, I try and tell myself.

I’ve walked this path home many times before, but never before have a felt this feeling of unease. I know the walk home from work as well as the abck of my hand. Theres the tree we used to climb as kids, often ending up falling out of it when we got a bit over confident.

There where only a couple of branches that could be used to pull yourself up with. And, once your up there if you werent careful one of the smaller branches would knock you down again.

Just three paces beyond the tree there should be the start of the bridge over the small river.

But where is it. I’m standing where it should be but there isnt a sign of it. I looked around but the mist was getting heavier, making it harder to see. Spinning around and walking a few paces more i still cant find the bridge.

A snap sounds behind me, with a whip of my neck i look behind me, too see only a white wall. Visability less then three feet. I cant even see the tree anymore, but i should have wandered back to it by now.

This night was getting weirder by the moment. Youd’ve thought I would be used to the fog around here. It happens most nights around here at this time of year. And, having grown up here i should still be able to find my way around. Lord knows i used to wander around here with my eyes closed just to see how well i remembered the area.

With a wet noise I fell down the bank of the river. Coming to a holt in the middle of the reeds along the waters edge. I lay there getting wet for a moment or two while i got my barings. Not all together sure about how I ended up here. I had been taking small steps to make sre something like this didnt happen.

I climbed back up the river bank, barely managing to avoid hitting the underside of the bridge.

Once I made the top of the bank I found that thefog had rolled back. Leaving the night cold and damp in its wake.

Fog doesnt normally work like that. Disappearing in a matter of a couple of seconds.

There was no one on the path that i had followed. But, i still felt like that there was someone watching me.

With a deep breath i ran the short distance home. Constantly looking behind me. Every time there wasn’t any sign of any one there.

I got home and after a quick fumble getting the key out of my bag and into the lock i managed to enter the house and shut the weird night outside where it belonged.